Saturday, August 27, 2011


Essex County Emergency Services will continue to provide a shelter to county residents throughout the night until the end of the storm – some 40 residents have taken advantage of the shelter at Essex intermediate school.

It is critical that all residents stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary as there is very high likelihood that your journey will be obstructed due to fallen trees across the roadway.

Widespread power outages in both Dominion Virginia Power and Rappahannock Electric areas have been reported with over 60% of customers impacted.  Please use the call-back feature to have the power company automatically call you back with an estimate of reconnection.

Tomorrow, when the storm has passed, residents of Essex County need to be extremely vigilant and alert to potentially live downed power lines and fallen trees across roadways.

If you decide to evacuate from your residence, the EOC highly recommends you disconnect power at the main switch so that reconnection does not cause damage to your property.

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