Friday, October 26, 2012


Residents living in the following areas of Essex County should be preparing to evacuate by Sunday, October 28th at 5pm at the latest...Lowery's Point, Lowery's Road, Coleman Island, Coleman Island Road, Shellfish Beach, Shellfish Beach Road, River Place and Grand View Beach at the low end and other low-lying areas prone to flooding due to potential accumulations of rainfall and storm surge. Voluntary evacuation of manufactured houses and houses with potential for damage from trees and potential access/egress issues is also strongly recommended. Staying in these areas will endanger you and anyone that might have to help you if you get in danger.  Essex County residents are encouraged to start preparing now by getting supplies together, medications, cash, food and gas. Prepare for the very real possibility of a power outage. Make arrangements now for the care of the elderly and children. Make a decision now where you will go in case you need to evacuate from your home.

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